Belize Real Estate

Location: Turneffe Island - Atoll

Beach Front: 263.2 mtr.

This 25 acres of title owned land is strategically located on the eastern side of Turneffe Island. This plot of virgin land is suitable for conos, resorts, and residential investment. This land is approximately five minutes boat ride from tha Turneff Flats. The great barrier reef is just a stone throw away.


A dive resort located on the Island

The entire shoreline of Turneffe Island is protected by continuous vertical reef approximately 35 miles. From the crest of this reef, a narrow ledge falls away over a distance of approximately 100 yards untill it reaches an average dept of approximately 65 feet- where the drop off begins. Along this ledge are a number of spurs and groves formations which are host to a myriad of reef fishes


25 acres of sea from property

The Turneffe Island makes up the largest of the three atolls in Belize and is also accessible from the mainland. Unlike the two Atolls, there are 200 small cays that are covered with mangroves in the area.


Type: Island Properties
Agent: Donald Ramirez
Company: Belize Land Properties
Price: USD $ 1.5 Mill
Call_ 501-666-5036